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Crisis on Infinite Earths
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Terry Pratchett
The Crippled God (The Malazan Book of the Fallen #10)
Steven Erikson

The Way of Shadows

The Way of Shadows - Brent Weeks Decent book. Most of the time it was 4 stars but it faltered in the final third part. Also I found some scenes incoherent. Overall good plot and characters but not polished enough to be truly enjoyable.

Reaper's Gale (Malazan Book 7) (The Malazan Book of the Fallen)

Reaper's Gale (Malazan Book 7) (The Malazan Book of the Fallen) - Steven Erikson Set in the continent of Lether this book deals with the aftermath of the Edur victory over the Letherii. This book wasn't quite engaging in the first half though it picks up after the arrival of the Bonehunters. It has some of my favourite characters Tehol, Bugg, Fiddler and Hellian. Karsa and Icarium are badass as usual. Not the best in the series but better than Midnight Tides.

Old Man's War

Old Man's War - John Scalzi Quick and enjoyable sci-fi. Not really thought provoking in any meaningful way but delivers on what it promises.

The Anubis Gates (Ace Science Fiction)

The Anubis Gates (Ace Science Fiction) - Tim Powers One of the better time travel novels I have read. The story is full of surprises, twists and turns and weird ideas. You are never sure where the author is leading you but its always pleasantly surprising. There are strange and interesting characters but most of them are not really fleshed out.

White Fire

White Fire - Douglas Preston, Lincoln Child A solid Pendergast thriller. We also meet Corrie Swanson from the Still life with crows. Not as good as the other books in the series but very engaging and interesting.

The Republic of Thieves

The Republic of Thieves - Scott Lynch Enjoyable, though not as good as the previous books. The flashbacks were the highlights for me but didn't find Sabetha interesting enough.

The Wolf's Hour

The Wolf's Hour - Robert R. McCammon, Vincent Chong Fun pulp novel about a secret werewolf spy during the second world war. It has two plotlines one set during the world war and the other during the protagnist's childhood. Though both were great the latter was more interesting and thought provoking.

Saga, Volume 1

Saga, Volume 1 - Brian K. Vaughan, Fiona Staples Story of two literally star crossed lovers as they search for refuge during interplanetary war. Really loved the story, art work, characters everything. The imagination of the author is beautifully weird. A must read.

The Poet

The Poet - Michael Connelly Definitely the best thriller I've ever read. Very suspenseful and always keeps you guessing.


Inferno - Dan Brown Now Dan Brown is just going through the motions... you know exactly when and where a twist is coming and you can guess it quite correctly. Marginally better than the Lost Symbol.

Only for his fans. First time Dan Brown readers - Don't bother.

Ready Player One

Ready Player One - Ernest Cline A cool concept with ready references to star wars, star trek, arcade games - street fighter, contra, classic fantasy novels, sci-fi and not to mention classic coming of age movies(made me remember Mia Sara in Ferris Bueller ). And talking about avatars all I could imagine was hot cosplayers - talk about nerdogasm! This one is for the nerds FTW!

Jar City

Jar City - Arnaldur Indriðason, Bernard Scudder Decent police procedural, good characterization and plot. Author uses the Icelandic location to create an almost noirish feel - very atmospheric, though the book lacks tension.

Deadhouse Gates

Deadhouse Gates - Steven Erikson I was a little apprehensive when I saw the Dramatis Personae for this book. No way I was going to put myself through that again. But clearly my fears were unfounded. I don't know whether I got used to Erikson's style or this was a lot more accessible than the previous book or maybe little bit of both.

Anyway I found the characters here to be more engaging maybe because we get a more linear story line and we get to know more about them as compared to the characters in MBotF. Chains of Dogs was a superb piece of storytelling - military fiction the likes of which I have never read before. We also come to know why this series is called book of the fallen. Just when you think you have found your favorite character the author kills him - but still there is some hope I guess.

Fever Dream

Fever Dream - 'Douglas Preston',  'Lincoln Child' Its been years since I read a Pendergast novel and this book showed me what I have been missing.
Who thought Pendergast was married? Pendergast investigates his wife's murder which was perceived to be an hunting accident at first.
And something weirdis going on with Constance Greene.
Good addition to the series. No supernatural stuff this time though.

Emperor of Thorns

Emperor of Thorns - Mark  Lawrence WOW! What an ending. Take a bow Mark Lawrence.
Fitting conclusion to what has been an amazing trilogy with a finality other authors wouldn't dare.
Our little Jorgy is back .. all grown up and a king now - doing what he does best - killing those who oppose him, those who are with him, his friends, acquaintances and if not killing them then getting them killed - oh so much fun. I don't think I have enjoyed anyone getting killed so much since Dexter killed the Trinity killer.
I'm on board for anything you write next Mr. Lawrence.
Those who are reading my review - get off your ass and go buy this book.

The Lies of Locke Lamora

The Lies of Locke Lamora - Scott Lynch This is a heist novel set in a fantasy world. It was a really good read but just short of awesome. The villain's motivation seemed a bit anti climatic and he lost some fear factor in the process. Some really laugh out loud funny lines. The dialogues between the gentlemen bastards were the highlights. Read it for the characters and plot.